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This Tai Rosso looks pale and light, yet is incredibly fragrant, detailed, and long on the finnish. Little funk on the nose at the beginning. Then it evolves in the in the glass. It’s only 11.5% ABV which makes it an easy wine to drink, perfect for light lunches or just to take it with you at the park, lake or mountain.

Alcohol: 11.5% | Variety: Tai

Organic grapes

Source Colli Berici

Region Veneto

Country Italy

Type Red

Vintage 2019

Size 750 ml

Variety Garnacha

Characteristics Bright acidity, Firm tannins, Light and Fresh

Soil Chalk-limestone

Elaboration  Manual grape harvest from 1964 vines, spontaneous fermentation with film maceration for 21 days

Aging  Concrete






Low sulfites < 20 mg/l

Davide Xodo

Davide Xodo

Davide Xodo

Colli Berici, Veneto

Davide Xodo is a young winegrower who has realized his dream of opening his winery next door to his home in the province of Vicenza, in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy. For 15 years, Davide has practiced and learned working the vineyard in large wineries in Tuscany, France and in Spain in El Bierzo. A few years ago he decided to go back to his origins and has rented some vineyards and a winery from a retired vintner in the area, to give it a second life and make the wine he likes.

The soils are clay-silty with calcareous rocks and a low PH. The varieties that Davide grows are Tai Rosso, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Carmenere, Garganega, Pinot Bianco, Tai Bianco and Malvasia Istriana. No chemical synthesis products are used either in the vineyard or in the winery. The grapes are representative of the vineyards and are transformed into wine in a simple way, without forcing or manipulating.

  • The grapes grown are owned and some plots are rented
  • 4 hectares in total
  • Age of the vines between 10 and 60 years
  • The grape is cultivated according to the principle of organic farming and biodynamic practices
  • Manual harvest
  • There is no irrigation of the vineyard
  • No commercial yeast or additives are used
  • 10,000 annual bottle production

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