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Brilliant white wine! On the nose we have white fruit, peach and grapefruit. It’s direct, fresh and clean, with very bright acidity and good volume in the mouth. Totally recommended.

Alcohol: 13% | Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Garnacha Blanca

Organic grapes

Source Ardèche

Region Rhone

Country France

Type White

Vintage 2018

Size 750 ml

Variety Chardonnay, Garnacha, Sauvignon

Characteristics Creamy and Round, Elegant

Soil Chalk

Elaboration  Sauvignon Blanc 50% and Garnacha Blanca 20%: bunch whole and direct pressing. Chardonnay 30%: whole bunch and 8 days of maceration. Then everything together in stainless steel for approx. 6 months

Aging  Stainless Steel






No added sulfites

Antonin Azzoni from Le Raisin et l'Ange

Le Raisin et L’Ange

Antonin Azzoni

Ardèche, Rhone

Antonin Azzoni has had the difficult task of continuing the ‘domaine’ that his father Gilles created without compromising the style or quality of the wines. Antonin focuses on winemaking under the ‘negotiate’ format, which consists of buying grapes from neighboring winegrowers. Grapes that, of course, always come from organic vineyards and that he vinifies naturally without any additives.

For 30 years Gilles made his wines here, with some vineyards that he transformed into organic (1990-97). He also had the influence and support of Gerald Oustric, a resident of the Ardèche, and in 2000 he decided to stop using sulfur, which caused his automatic and definitive withdrawal from the appeal, making him one of the benchmarks in the area in the elaboration of natural wines. In recent years the baton was passed on to his son Antonin until in 2014 they reached an agreement with Samuel Boulay to transfer most of the vineyard, part of the house and a small part of the old winery located in the basement of the farm, by the river. From then on the Azzoni began with the ‘negotiation’ and in 2018 Gilles withdrew permanently, leaving the witness to Antonin and his wife Dorothée. Gilles has moved to another house, a few meters away, and conserves 1 hectare of vineyard with which he plans to continue having fun making wines.

Antonin buys the grapes from friendly and well-known winegrowers such as Domaine Ozil, Vincent Fargier (partner of Les Deux Terres) or Samuel Boulay himself, who sells them a good part of the production of his old vineyards. Vinification is always totally natural, without temperature controls, without added sulfites, or any other additive.

  • All grapes are bought from local growers
  • The grape is grown according to the principle of organic farming
  • Manual harvest
  • There is no irrigation of the vineyard
  • No commercial yeast or additives are used
  • 30.000 annual bottle production

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