About us

La Espontánea is a natural wine shop and we also offer import and distribution services of natural wine for restaurants and specialized stores.

At the helm of this exciting project is Michele Berto. After several years attending specialized fairs, tastings and events, I have decided to start a new path in my life that connects me more with the land, grapes and people. Together with my collaborators we form a proudly independent and dynamic team that lives for good wine.

We are in constant training, we drink together with the producers and we form an integral part of the wine world. We like wine made with love, which neither has nor needs makeup.

What we do

We search for and select authentic wines, made with natural methods, from organic and biodynamic agriculture and made with the minimum possible intervention in the winery. Our producers are passionate farmers and artisans. In their wines you will find the true expression of the grapes and the terroir where they live.

For wine drinkers who want to know and drink only natural, pure and authentic wines, our online store offers the guarantee that all wines have been tasted previously and that they respect the guidelines to define themselves as natural wine.

What is good wine for us

Talking about good wine is not necessarily about points, medals and popular denominations. Good wine is not about great wineries and noble reputations. A good wine is about emotion, when you drink it, you feel something unique and special and you want to know more; more about the wine, the life of the producer, the place where it comes from. That is what we are looking for, join our natural wine journey. ¡Salud!

Why La Espontánea

The name is inspired by the spontaneous alcoholic fermentation process of the must where the native yeasts that arrive from the vineyard transform the sugar into alcohol, giving life to the first form of wine!

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